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What is Company Valuation?

Companies are required to acquire valuation from a Registered Valuer / Merchant Banker / Chartered Accountant as the case may be, in multiple instances, including:

  • Issue of New Shares
  • Buyback of Shares
  • Mergers and Takeovers
  • De-mergers
  • During Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
  • For Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) transactions
  • For Income Tax assessments

Corpedia offers professional valuation services, certified by Registered Valuers / Merchant Bankers / Chartered Accountants. Get in touch with our professionals to know all the details.

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  • Valuation of Small Company / Startup
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  • Valuation of Small Company / Startup
  • Certificate from Registered Valuer
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  • Valuation of any Company
  • Merchant Banker Certified
  • Necessary for Income Tax Purposes
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