All you need to know

What is Sole Proprietorship?

A Sole Proprietorship Firm enables the single owner to run their business under a business name. It is the easiest way of floating business. It doesn’t have a distinct corporate form, and the liability of the Proprietor is unlimited

  • The easiest way to start a business
  • Only one owner and cannot accept any investment from others
  • No Limited Liability protection for Proprietor/ Owner

Suitable For:

  • Micro to Small level businesses
  • Freelancers

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Five easy steps

How to Register?

1. Call our representatives

2. Fill in a small checklist of information

3. Apply for the name

4. Upload the scanned documents

5. Get your certificate of incorporation

You Will Need:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Any address proof as proof of Registered Office

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