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Register Indian Company/Subsidiary

Invest in India:

India is emerging as the best destination for foreign companies to invest, owing to the efficient workforce, favorable policies, and robust business environment. Manufacturing in India is given a major boost with “Make in India” policies, and India is one of the biggest markets for the outsourcing of services. Its growing middle class and increasing purchasing power of people is making India into a major market for many International players.

The government of India has been constantly making laws more liberal, streamlined, and simplified in order to attract more FDI in various sectors of India. In terms of attractiveness, investors ranked India #3; approximately 80% of investors have plans to invest in India in the next 2-3 years, while approximately 25% reported investments worth >US$ 500 million.

Register your Company in India:

Registration of Companies in India has never been easier. The process is entirely online and can be done from the comfort of your residence/office, without any personal visit to India.

Requirements for Indian Subsidiary:
  •  At least 50% of Investment shall be owned by the foreign parent company (in case of Subsidiary)
  • Minimum of two directors. At least one Director shall be a resident of India. (The resident Director need not be an Investor. Even an employee resident in India can be made as Resident Director)
  • A registered address in India (Physical/Virtual)
  • 100 % Shareholding can be owned by the Holding Company/Foreign Investors.
  • KYC Documents verified by Apostille/Public notary.

It consists of a minimum of two partners and is comparatively cost-effective in comparison to a Private Limited Company.

  • Corporate Form and Limited Liability
  • Can be formed by a minimum of two (2) partners
  • Easier form to operate

Suitable For:

  • Businesses funded only by the partners (without any external investment)
  • Small to Medium scale businesses
  • Trading and Small Scale Manufacturing businesses
  • Startups in initial stages

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